The Promise Project | First Fruits Prayer by Angel Graham

Jesus, we come to You today in faith believing Your promises.

Your Word tells us that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed.  We sow a tiny seed and it becomes a great tree of life and a place of shelter for many.  God, we are giving to You and investing in Your kingdom, believing that what is sown today will become a place of shelter for many.  Let Calvary be a place where Your kingdom is fully established.   Let Your Word grow, multiply, and prevail both in us and in our city.   Let Your will be accomplished in us, in our families, in our community, and in our world.  We are asking that you would take what we have given and multiply it for your glory.  Lord, let this seed grow and produce more seeds.  Let us begin today a cycle of planting and growing, of sowing and reaping.

Lord, we have planted and watered.  We have given what we can and we place it in Your hands.  We ask You now to give the increase.  Grow this seed and multiply if for Your kingdom.  God, we ask that You would be lifted up through our offering and that you would draw all men to you.  You’ve promised us that Calvary will be a church that has an impact regionally and globally and we stand on this promise and declare that our city and our families belong to You.

You are able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think.  And God, what you are able to do, You are willing do.  As we submit to You this day, grow in us a heart for You that will impact those around us for generations to come.  Thank you for hearing and answering.  In Jesus’ name, Amen .

– Angel Graham | Sunday AM, April 6, 2014 @ The Calvary Church 


First Fruits Sunday

April 6, 2014 | First Fruits Sunday was the final service of our The Promise Project series of services. During the service Alyssa Reed shared a monologue about the Story of the Widow of Zaraphath, who gave the prophet Elijah the last portion of her food and made him a cake. This act of giving of the first, set her up for 3 years of provision. During the worship time during the service, individuals and families brought their First Fruits offering as their first investment into The Promise Project. Over $37,000 was given in that one offering. It was an all time giving record for a single service. We were also honored to have as a special guest, Bryan Pound, recording artist, and Minister of Music at the Pentecostals of Richmond.

Bishop F. Joe Ellis preached a powerful message entitled “The Reason for it All” and shared that sometimes the storms of life are meant to set us up to reach the lost and the hurting. The Calvary Church congregation has committed to never be the same after this season of prayer, fasting and giving.

Celebration Service

IMG_9148March 30, 2014 | Celebration Sunday was a great day at The Calvary Church were we celebrated the pledges that were committed towards The Promise Project. Special elements included a dynamic presentation of the total pledge amounts to Pastor Paslay and the congregation by Diana Reed, Nathan Varnum and Anthony Hinson. With a monthly mortgage obligation of $12,820, over 3 Years the total amount we will pay for our mortgage is $461,520. TCC is known for faithful giving to Missions. However, over the last 3 years (2011-2013) our congregation has given $364,950 towards God’s Offering and First Fruits (These are the offerings that are the foundation of The Promise Project). That is over $100,000 short of our monthly mortgage obligation. But The Calvary Church congregation commitment for The Promise Project commitment was $602,348! This miracle represents 36 months of mortgage payments ($461,520) + $72,837 towards Mortgage Pay Down + $72,837 towards Capital Improvements.

Plus an additional $100,000 was committed as a Trust God commitment, with some pledging a percentage of their business profits, others bonuses from their jobs, some committing that if God gives them extra money they will give to The Promise Project. This was truly a great day of celebration. A message was preached by Tom Ellis entitled “Let’s Celebrate.” This message put into perspective the reason we celebrate. We are not celebrating a building being built, but we are celebrating the provision of God for His promises.


The Promise Project | Prayer for Ladies by Jeannine Paslay

Lord tonight, first of all we thank you for your bountiful blessings to each of us. We are here because of Your grace and mercy and Your sovereign touch on our lives.

We remember how You have led us these past 13 years and how You have put us in a fruitful place of Your making. We will not forget Your goodness and mercies. You have taught us to trust You and You have made us to be dependent upon You oh Lord. It is You who has kept us and provided for our every need.

Now we are asking for a new level of faith. We are asking for faith to trust You more. Help us to take that new step of faith. We submit ourselves to Your agenda and Your plan for our church. Lord we ask for unity in spirit and purpose for our ladies. Help us to speak faith and blessing to each other so that Your sovereign will would be done in our families as well as in us. Just as You prepare us for the birth of our natural children, Lord prepare us for the promise of the harvest and the new babes that will come into this house as a result of our fasting and prayer. Because we know that this is ultimately about the building of Your kingdom.

We come against any spirit of pride, or fear, or negativity that might be hidden in us, because we know that it is not about us. It is about You! You have promised this church through many testimonies that You have put us in a fruitful place and that many will come. Lord we ask that You confirm Your Word as we step out in new avenues of faith. Set our families on a new course of faith and provision with signs following. Let us have peace in our hearts and joy in our spirits. Let us as women bring glory to Your Name!

Lord we want to love Your more and serve You with our whole hearts. We want to delight in the things that delight You. Help us to be kingdom-minded and to put the things that matter most to You forefront in our minds and hearts. Help us to be women of the Spirit. Draw us closer to You and help us to hear Your voice and seek You in all that we say and do. We trust in You and You alone! In Jesus Name…Amen.

– Jeannine Paslay| Wednesday PM, March 19 , 2014 @ The Calvary Church 

The Promise Project | Prayer for Children by Sally Cayten

Lord Jesus I pray that you would open the hearts of the children of Calvary so that they would have a desire for you and a desire for the Holy Spirit. I pray that you would help them keep their hearts as they get older and I pray that you help them understand your word so that some day they themselves might teachers of the word and help the children that do not know you to come closer to you. I pray that you would help the teachers of Calvary to have faith in you and a desire to teach your word to the children of Calvary in your wonderful name I pray amen.

– Sally Cayten (9 Years Old) | Sunday PM, March 9 , 2014 @ The Calvary Church 

Commitment Service

IMG_9038March 23, 2014 | On this day, The Calvary Church congregation made a 3 Year Commitment to partner with the promises of God. The service included a dramatic element from Adam Angus and Drew Protzman about the rich young ruler and a video testimony from Leah Hinson about the challenge she personally felt concerning their family finances. The commitments were collected by the congregation walking to the front and placing their commitments in TPP collection boxes.